NBA Finals 2022: Game 2 – Betting odds and Free Picks

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We are in the phase of the season where all the teams have always dreamed of being, the NBA finals, where only 2 teams are left alive in this 2021-22 season, and they are highly deserving of being in this series. The Boston Celtics, who reached this grand final after leaving the favorite Miami Heat on the way, started with everything and managed to storm the Chase Center of the Golden State Warriors in the first game of the series.

In the first game of the series, it seemed that we were going to have a script where the Golden State Warriors would take a comfortable victory, after observing a masterful performance of Steph Curry in the first quarter where he made 6 triples.

This series has the best defenses in the league, and this is an award for what many coaches and basketball experts around the world have always pointed out, “defense wins championships”. But, this first game started with extraordinary offense from both teams, with both teams scoring a lot of points in each of the quarters.

In the first quarter of this game, the Warriors supported by Steph Curry managed to win a partial victory of 32-28. In the second quarter, the Celtics took the lead and with a 6-point victory at the end of the first half, they managed to go into halftime with a 2-point lead.

The third quarter was what has been a constant for the Warriors, a fast-paced offense that left the Celtics without options. But, in the fourth quarter, Boston managed to crush Golden State in all aspects of the game, and, with an excellent run of 17-0, they ended up taking the game with an excellent score of 120-108.

Now we face the second game of the series, which will be played again at the Chase Center, home of the Warriors this Sunday, June 5, 2022, where Golden State must seek a victory at any cost.

NBA Finals 2022 GAME 2 – Golden State Warriors vs. Boston Celtics – Betting Odds & Free Pick – Info

When: Sunday, June 05 at 08:00 pm ET

Moneyline odds: Warriors -180 / Celtics +150 (Source:

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Why Bet on Warriors

After an excellent start in the first game of the NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors suffered the consequences of what was the best game of his career for veteran Al Horford. Golden State looked like winners after putting up a very good 12-point lead early in the fourth quarter, but an offensive drought, combined with a spectacular defense from the Boston, left them without options.

The Warriors know that they must win this game in order not to be on the ropes in the games they have to play at the TD Garden.

Why Bet on Celtics

The Boston Celtics are, right now, the favorite team to win these finals. All bookmakers agreed that the team with the highest probability of winning the championship ring this season is the Celtics. Boston played a near-perfect first game in San Francisco, they managed to continue showing that their defense is extraordinary and that Jaylen Brown now has Al Horford and Derrick White, as well as Jayson Tatum in their offense.

They have the opportunity to put the series in their favor 2-0 and thus try to win the championship ring at home.

NBA Finals 2022 Game 2: Golden State Warriors vs. Boston Celtics

After what was observed in the first game of these finals, we are sure that we will enjoy one of the best final series in recent years.

At we can see that there is a Moneyline that favors the Warriors at -180, while the Celtics start at +150.

The Boston Celtics come into this match with the necessary drive and confidence to reach the TD Garden with the series in their favor 2-0 and, in this match, they must try to play a match equal to or better than the first of the series.

The Warriors, for their part, know that they should win this game so as not to be on the ropes in games in Boston, a TD Garden that is a strength for the Celtics.

Look for a straight win on the Moneyline Golden State Warriors. If you put $100 on the Warriors at -180 you’ll be looking at a $55.56 win with a total payout of $155.56.

Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics Betting Pick: Golden State Warriors.

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