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Liguilla Finals Second Leg: Chivas vs. Tigres Preview

Last Updated on May 26, 2023 4:48 pm by Erwin Noguera

With the 0-0 at the Universitario Stadium, we now go to the beautiful city of Guadalajara for a grand final with nothing written in stone. We cannot say that the first round between Tigres and Chivas was dull, even with the result. However, this second leg will surely be a class apart, as is normal in this kind of tournament.

Last season, Pachuca obliterated its rival in the first leg, so the second game was a mere formality. Now, without the sporting advantage applying to the finals, we could even have extra time and penalties to add season to this excellent match.

Two underdogs that achieved massive results in this Liguilla come for a date with history.


Sunday, May 28th – 9:35 pm ET at the Akron Stadium

Moneyline odds:

Chivas +137

Tigres +218

Draw offs:


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Why Bet on Tigres?

We have talked a lot about Tigres’ ups and downs this season, so our regular readers will be tired of the matter. Considering this, we won’t focus on that, and will just resort to saying that the Regiomontanos were the best team in the tournament at the beginning, then lose their manager, their form fell from a cliff, and they revived after their caretaker manager was fired. However, their poor form cost them a categorical elimination in the hands of León at the Concachampions, so we cannot say they came out clean even if they win Liga MX.

Now, referring to their form in the Liguilla, Siboldi’s side wants to take possession of the ball whatever the cost, and the rival or venue doesn’t matter. This approach almost let them down against Toluca, but they survived dramatically, and, apart from the second round of that series, they had more possession than their rivals in all the other Liguilla games.

Is remarkable how the manager put his ideas to practice so soon, and in the middle of quite a convoluted season. Everybody knew all along that Tigres has one of the best rosters in the country, but it’s still a feat, independently of this finals’ result.

Why Bet on Chivas?

Chivas was one of the sleeping giants of the American continent, having achieved just two major titles in the last 17 years, adding a couple of Copa MX successes (a cup competition that the Liga MX dirigents kill and revive every once in a while as they like).

Their form since their 2017 trophy in the Clausura was average, seeing them turn into a lower-midtable side that never seriously competed for the top four and even failed to reach the playoffs a couple of times. To add salt to the injury, that period matched with a long string of America’s paternity in the Clásico Nacional, which saw them lose their status as the Eagles’ hardest rivals to face.

However, when the Serbian Veljko Paunović arrived the team’s fate changed. They not only got a hold of the top four for the first time in many years, but they also got the upper hand over their dire rivals in a semifinal series to remember.

Chivas’ style involves fast counterattacks on the hands of their tricky wingers, who take advantage of the runs the midfielders make into the box to give sharp assists. They can struggle a little against sides that sit back and neglect the possession of the ball, as in the first match with Atlas. However, in crossfire interchanges, like the one against Cruz Azul at the latest stages of the regular season, they usually emerge victorious. Against a team that relies upon possession like Tigres, they’ll have the chance to show their fangs.

Final Betting Analysis: Tigres vs. Chivas

The matches between the two in the last years have been characterized by Tigres’ dominance. This could be attributed to Chivas’ poor level as we mentioned before. However, things were a little different the last time. The Rebaño got the upper hand over the Regios in regular season, although, at the time Tigres was going through their own special situation, as we also said.

In the last 36 matches, Guadalajara has won just 9, while 15 went to UANL, with 12 ties. Now that they have recovered, the Felines will want to give the surprise again, but they will face a massive stadium that will be bursting with emotion.

In this particular case, we believe that Chivas’ quick counter-attack style is the kryptonite of this Tigres side that relies upon possession, so we’ll go with a win for the Rebaño Sagrado by 3-2.

If you put $100 into Chivas’ victory, you could get $137 for a total payout of $237.

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