Andre-Pierre Gignac- Football Legend, Possible GOAT of Liga MX

Everyone who loves football knows that Andre-Pierre Gignac is a legend. It’s no doubt that Gignac is the best player within Liga MX at the moment, but there’s a lot of talk around Gignac possibly being the Greatest of All Time! Do you agree? 

Let’s dive into the facts.

Did you know that Gignac has been playing in Liga MX for 6 years? Although that may seem like a long time; it’s not much when comparing him to some of the other huge Liga MX players. 

Players like Cabinho, Cardozo, and Aguinaga have the stats to back them up, but they’ve also been playing for almost double the time of Gignac. Let’s take a look at some of the other players and their stats over their careers:

  • Cabinho has over 300 goals in his 12 years playing Mexican football.
  • Cardozo has 249 goals in his 10 years of playing Liga MX.
  • Gignac has 145 goals in his 6 years of Liga MX.

In 6 short years, Gignac has quickly climbed the ranks and deserves the title of legend. When it comes down to the game, no one has accomplished what Gignac has in their first 6 years. Gignac has truly transformed the Liga MX league. 

So, the next question is, how did Gignac get here? 

In 2015, Tigres took a leap of faith and signed Gignac onto their team. European players don’t typically play in Liga MX, especially in their prime time, so Gignac was definitely one to look out for. Many people were hesitant about the choice, but it seems to have paid off.

From the beginning of his career at Liga MX, Gignac had made a huge mark on the league. In the 6 years since, Gignac has made history for Tigres, and the team has become as strong and successful as ever. Gignac has truly shaped Tigres into the killer team they are today. Since joining Tigres, Gignac has led the team in winning the following Championship titles:

  • 1X Campeones Cup
  • 1X Mexican Clausura Championship
  • 4X Liga MX Championships

With 6 championship titles under their belt, Tigres was determined to win a CONCACAF Champions League crown. At this point, they had won just about everything, but this ONE championship. But, with Gignac, it was their time to shine.

As Gignac has become the all-time leading goal scorer in the club (with 145 goals), there was no doubt that their dreams of capturing the CCL crown were well within their reach. Since Gignac had already led Tigres to the finals 3 times in 4 seasons; it seemed obvious he would assist in a win for the CCL. Many fans speculated that he would win the title for Tigres. 

So, did Gignac lead the Tigres in their ultimate goal of winning the CONCACAF Champions League crown?

You bet he did! The fourth time was the charm, and the Tigres had won their first CCL crown! With a 2-1 victory over Los Angeles FC, the Tigres had once again made history. Gignac had scored both goals in winning the CCL title, and by the time Gignac finishes his career, he may just become the GOAT. 

Just moments after taking the dub, Gignac exclaimed, “We finally won that f*cking cup!” No Mexican team had ever won this championship, so as Gignac led the team to victory, he not only created history for Tigres, but paved his way to the legend he has become. 

It’s no wonder that people have fallen in love with Gignac, he’s definitely talented and has the stats behind him to prove it. Fans also love that he fully embraces Mexico’s culture. 

From the moment he stepped foot in Mexico, Gignac fully immersed himself both on and off the field. He dedicated himself to both his fans and the Spanish language. Since he knew he would be living in Mexico, Gignac wanted to learn the language. He stated that being able to communicate with his team, as well as with his fans, was something that he was determined to do. Fans appreciated his dedication to Mexico and his ambition to his team. It’s no wonder Gignac is such a popular pick.

So, how do we define the history that Gignac has made in Mexican football? We’ll see what happens when Tigres competes in the finals of Club World Cup against Bayern Munich. Bayern is almost universally known as the world’s best, so if Gignac can lead Tigres to victory, he will be well on his way to becoming the GOAT. 

Even if Tigres doesn’t take the win, Gignac has already made a solid name for himself. He is arguably the most important signing in Liga MX history.

Gignac has been named a legend, an icon, a leader, Mexico’s Black Mamba, Mr. Liguilla, and the King of Tigres, all of which are much deserved. He is only going up from here. As Gignac continues to make history, there is no doubt that he will one day be named the GOAT of Liga MX. 

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as we continue to follow Gignac through his journey. We’re calling it now, Andre- Pierre Gignac will soon be crowned the Greatest of All Time! 

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April McCall

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