Senegal vs. Netherlands – Preview and Free Picks

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The World Cup is soon to kick on and the world is already revolving around it, for good or bad things. Now we will be covering one of the nations that always seeks to surprise and crown themselves, the Netherlands, and the African nation that looked like the strongest and a good contender some months ago, but not so much now.

Senegal vs. Netherlands will be the game that continues the actions of Group A after Qatar and Ecuador open up the tournament.


Monday, November 21, at 11:00 am ET in the Al Thumama Stadium

Betting Odds:

Senegal -155

Netherlands +450

Draws Offs:


Where Can I watch it?

FOX Sports and DIRECTV Sports

Why Bet on Senegal

The African nation is full of bright names and, if we made comparisons, they looked like the strongest African nation ever to compete in a world cup. Sadly, things have changed a little in the last few months. The team’s spine consists of Mendy (Chelsea), Koulibaly (Chelsea) Nanpalys Mendy (Leicester), and Mane (Bayern).

Sadly, Mendy and Koulibaly’s performance has dropped dramatically this season, and Mane is injured, so there are many doubts about the future in the air.

They come from drawing in Iran

Why Bet on the Netherlands

The Orange comes with a thirst for revenge after a period from 2010 to 2014 in which where one of the protagonists in the world cup ended with being left out of Russia in 2018. Now they want to, at least, reach the semifinals again.

Is not the same Netherlands that had bright figures in fronts like Arjen Robben, Klass-jass Huntelaar, and Robin Van Persie, but they have a strong defense with world-class names like Virgil Van Dike and Mathijs De Light, so they want to challenge everyone.

Free Senegal vs. Netherlands Betting Pick

The two nations seem similar in some aspects, with big names in the defensive department, and lacking a little upfront. However, considering that this will be a war of solidity, we believe it will be a tie.

At the odds point for strong favoritism towards Senegal at -155 while the Netherlands boasts a +450 at the draw is at +270.

In other circumstances maybe Sadio Mane could make a difference, but we don’t believe that they have enough weapons to beat each other.

Go for the Moneyline Draw. If you got for a Draw at +210 betting $100, you’ll gain $270, for a total payout of $370.

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