NBA 22/23 Weekly Preview 4 – Free Picks and Betting Odds

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Starting Monday, November 7th, NBA Week 4 will bring big games and just as much emotion as last week. Tuesday will be the only day without games this week. Because of this, true basketball fans are already excited about the number of big games that will be played this early November.

The Milwaukee Bucks remain unbeaten after beating the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday by 14 points. A day earlier, the Bucks had beaten the Timberwolves by 13 points.

In the Western Conference, the Phoenix Suns keep the first place, with 7 wins and only two losses. The Utah Jazz follows right away in second place, with the same number of wins and 3 losses.

On the other hand, the Houston Rockets remain the worst team in the NBA, as they lost to the Timberwolves last Saturday, 129-112, reaching their ninth loss in the national league.

The opening game of NBA Week 4 will be between the Charlotte Hornets and Washington Wizards at 07:00 PM ET at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte. Week 4 ends on Sunday, November 13th, with the Brooklyn Nets vs. Los Angeles Lakers clash.

Let’s take a look at the top NBA Week 4 matches, highlighting the top players for each team and sharing the best guesses for those games.

NBA Week 4 Update

NBA Week 4 is still happening and this great sequence of games ends only on Sunday, the 13th. Friday and Saturday are full of games, while today only 4 confrontations will take place.

The Mavericks visit the Wizards soon, while the Hawks welcome the 56ers, the Miami Heat take on the Hornets and the Trail Blazers take on the Pelicans in New Orleans.

Even after the weekend games, the leaderboard didn’t change much. Despite this, the Atlanta Hawks’ victory over the Bucks – who were unbeatable until this confrontation – was remarkable, mainly due to the difference of 19 points (117 – 98), which surprised even the most optimistic fans of the Atlanta team.

Bucks, Cavaliers, Jazz, and Suns remain the best teams in the two NBA conferences, while the Hornets and Rockets remain the teams with the fewest wins so far.

Let’s follow the main results of the week and list the main games that follow in NBA Week 4, which ends on Sunday.

NBA 22/23 Weekly Preview 4: Hornets vs. Wizards


Monday, November 7th, 07:00 PM ET at the Spectrum Center

Moneyline odds

Hornets -136

Wizards +112

Where can I watch it?: 

NBA League Pass

The Hornets will face four different opponents in NBA Week 4, but they will play the opening game of the round against the Wizards, runner-up in the Southwest Division – to which the Hornets also belong.

Charlotte’s team has lost its last four games and won only three times in the 10 games played so far. The visitors – the Wizards – lost the last game by a difference of 42 points against the Brooklyn Nets (128-86). Despite this heavy defeat, the Wizards have won 4 and lost 5 games so far.

As the Odds show for the Wizards (+112) and Hornets (-136), even as locals, the bad streak of the Charlotte team, and their overall performance make Washington the favorite.

NBA 22/23 Weekly Preview 4: Hawks vs. Bucks


Monday, November 7th, 08:15 PM ET at the State Farm Arena

Moneyline odds

Hawks +125

Bucks -153

Where can I watch it?: 

NBA League Pass

Playing at home, the Atlanta Hawks could be an interesting challenge for the mighty Bucks team. First, in the Southeast Division, the Hawks won the last two games and showed that they can play a balanced game with the Bucks and even win the game.

The recent head-to-head history between the teams favors Milwaukee. In the last 20 matches between them, Milwaukee won 13 and lost 7. This will be a balanced match, but with greater favoritism for the Bucks, who have won every game so far.

After their good end to the regular season last tournament and their solid start this campaign, the Hawks come with +125 odds, which is not so bad considering their going against the best team in the NBA at the moment. However, our guess is for the Milwaukee Bucks to win in -153.

NBA 22/23 Weekly Preview 4: Orlando Magic vs. Houston Rockets


Monday, November 7th, 7:15 PM ET at the Amway Center

Moneyline odds

Orlando Magic -192

Houston Rockets +154

Where can I watch it?: 

NBA League Pass

The two worst teams from the Eastern and Western Conferences face each other in this tense match on Monday night. In the last 20 matches between them, the Rockets won 12 and lost 8.

This game will be the chance for the visitors to reach their second victory in the current NBA season. Jalen Green will need to continue to score high points to lead the Houston team to victory in what could be one of the most important games of the season.

Orlando Magic comes as the favorite for this bottom-of-the-table duel at -192, mainly because it’ll be at their home and there they haven’t been soo bad with a 2-2 record (they lost all their away games, as the Rockets). With +154, the Rockets come as the underdogs even against the worst team from the other conferenceOur guess is a tight game with an Orlando win.

NBA 22/23 Weekly Preview 4: Boston Celtics vs. Denver Nuggets


Friday, November 11th 7:00 PM ET

Moneyline odds:

Denver Nuggets +155

Boston Celtics -192

Where can I watch it?

NBA League Pass

From 2019 to 2022, Celtics and Nuggets faced each other 5 times. In all these matches the Boston Celtics won. With this positive history, and living a streak of 4 straight wins in the current NBA, the Boston team is considered a favorite for this confrontation.

The Denver Nuggets are currently the fourth best team in the Western Conference with 8 wins and 3 losses. Nikola Jokic remains the team’s main player and will certainly be the main piece in the Nuggets’ attempt to surprise the Celtics.

This is a very balanced duel, as both teams have the same number of wins and losses in the league. Based on the match history and available players, our guess is for the Boston Celtics to win.

NBA 22/23 Weekly Preview 4: LA Clippers vs. Brooklyn Nets


Saturday, November 12th 4:00 PM ET

Moneyline odds:

LA Clippers (To Be Updated Soon)

Brooklyn Nets (To Be Updated Soon)

Where can I watch it?

NBA League Pass

The Clippers remain in the fight for the leadership of the Pacific Division, while the Nets embitter the last position of the Atlantic Division, with only 5 wins and 7 losses.

Although in different situations in their divisions, the Nets have a good advantage in direct confrontations against the Clippers. In the last 5 games, the Nets have won four times. This could be another chance to extend this favorable history, but playing away from home against a team that is still fighting for classification will be an arduous task.

Our guess is for the Clippers to win.

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