Cincinnati Bengals vs. Las Vegas Raiders – Probabilidades de Apostas e Escolhas Grátis

Cincinnati Bengals vs Las Vegas Raiders 2021 NFL Betting Odds and Free Pick
Cincinnati Bengals vs. Las Vegas Raiders 2021 NFL Betting Odds and Free Pick

After an intense regular season, we reach the long-awaited NFL playoffs, where the best teams from each of the groups of each conference will face each other to try to be in the coveted Super Bowl.

The opening game of the playoffs will feature the Las Vegas Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals no Paul Brown Stadium, casa do Bengals. The match agreed to be played this Saturday, January 15, 2022, at 4:30 p.m., will have an additional flavor for both teams since the winner will break a long drought without victories in the playoffs.

Las Vegas Raiders have their last playoff victory in 2002 when they defeated the Titãs no AFC final. They were subsequently vastly outclassed by the Corsários no Super Bowl XXXVII.

While for the Bengals, the wait has been long. Their last win in the playoff phase dates back to 1990 when they defeated the then Oilers as a wild card; Cincinnati caiu para o Raiders in the divisional round.

2021 NFL – Cincinnati Bengals vs. Las Vegas Raiders – Betting Odds & Free Pick – Info

Quando: Saturday, January 15 at 4:20 pm ET

Probabilidades de Moneyline: Bengals -235 / Raiders +185

Draw Offs: -

Onde posso assistir? CBS / ESPN / Fox Sports

Onde posso transmitir? NFL Network

Why Bet on Bengals

Bengals are coming off a very good regular season and, despite finishing in first place in the AFC North group, with a record of 10 wins and 7 losses, this was only enough for them to play the wild card game. Cincinnati needs to assert their home status to stop their drought and aspire to be in the next Super Bowl.

Bengals come from losing in their last game of the regular season against the Marrons, with a result of 16-21.

Why Bet on Raiders

Por outro lado, Las Vegas Raiders come into this wild card round with the same record as the Bengals, 10 wins and 7 losses, but they finished second in the AFC West group. The Raiders come into this game with a lot of confidence, with an impressive offense and spirits that are through the roof.

Raiders are coming off an excellent victory in their last game against the Carregadores with a result of 35-32.

Final Betting Analysis: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Este jogo entre the Bengals and Raiders will have many emotions and tensions from the start since both teams want to get rid of the curse of not having been able to win in the playoffs for many years.

At we can see that there is a Moneyline that strongly favors the Cincinnati Bengals at -235, while Las Vegas Raiders start at +185.

At this point, it is difficult to go against some Raiders who, with nothing to lose, arrive highly motivated and that makes them very dangerous.

No entanto, o Bengals’ offensive talent could be enough to overwhelm the Gus Bradley-led defense. It will be a very close duel that is for anyone, but in which the diversity and locality factor could end up tipping the balance in favor of Cincinnati.

Procure uma vitória direta no Moneyline Cincinnati Bengals. Se você colocar $100 no Bengals at -164 you’ll be looking at a $42.55 win with a total payout of $142.55.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Las Vegas Raiders Betting Pick: Cincinnati Bengals

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