Green Bay Packers vs. Los Angeles Rams - Probabilidades de aposta e escolha grátis

Green Bay Packers vs Los Angeles Rams 2021 NFL Betting Odds and Free Pick
Green Bay Packers vs. Los Angeles Rams 2021 NFL Betting Odds and Free Pick

The actions of one of the most popular sports in the United States, American Football of the NFL, continue and, this weekend, we will be enjoying week 12 of the championship, that is, it would only be 5 weeks until the end of the regular season.

So far this season we have observed that there are teams that started with everything and that, since the beginning of the season, have been playing at an excellent level. So much so, that these teams could qualify for the playoffs many days before the end of the regular season.

This Sunday, November 28, 2021, we will have an electrifying game between two very good teams this NFL temporada, a Green Bay Packers hospedar o Los Angeles Rams no Lambeau Field, localizado na cidade de Baía Verde.

Você pode acompanhar todas as estatísticas de apostas do NFL, bem como a análise de cada uma das equipes participantes abaixo.

2021 NFL – Packers vs. Rams – Betting Odds & Free Pick – Info

Quando: Sunday, November 28 at 4:25 pm ET

Probabilidades de Moneyline: Packers -115 / Rams -105

Draw Offs: -

Onde posso assistir? CBS / ESPN / Fox Sports.

Onde posso transmitir? NFL Network

Por que apostar nos empacotadores

O Green Bay Packers come to this game having an excellent season, and what they have most in their favor is that their group rivals have not played well at all, in fact, the Leões have not yet been able to win a game this season, Therefore, the Packers’ qualification for the Playoffs is only a matter of time. The Packers are leading the NFC Norte group with a record of eight wins and three losses.

Baía Verde comes from losing in their last game against the Vikings with a result of 31-34.

Por que apostar em carneiros

Por outro lado, o Los Angeles Rams also excellently started the season, and they had a very nice fight for the first place of their group with the Arizona Cardinals. O Rams come into this game with two consecutive losses, and yet they are second in their group with a very good record of seven wins and three losses.

O Rams are coming off losing to the 49ers with a result of 10-31.

Final Betting Analysis: Packers vs. Rams

Green Bay Packers and Los Angeles Rams will give us a very intense and emotional game in this week 12 of the championship since both teams need to get back on the winning track to keep getting closer to their qualification to the playoffs.

Baía Verde does not have a dangerous rival in its group, but it should not be trusted, since, if it acquires a significant negative streak, it would be putting its presence in the playoffs in doubt.

Enquanto o Rams need to win as many games again as the Cardinals are also having an excellent season.

Para esta partida, nosso token de vencedor é para Green Bay Packers.

Packers vs. Rams Betting Pick: Green Bay Packers

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