Chicago Bulls x Golden State Warriors – Previsões e escolha de apostas grátis

Chicago Bulls vs Chicago Bulls 2021 22 NBA Season Odds & Free Pick
Chicago Bulls vs. Chicago Bulls 2021 22 NBA Season Odds & Free Pick

We have had a spectacular start to 2022 with a series of very important and, above all, exciting games, and this new day in the NBA não será exceção.

Tudo NBA basketball fans love to watch the games between the best teams of the season and this day we will have one of them. The mighty Golden State Warriors visite a búfalos de Chicago no United Center this Friday, January 14, 2022.

Just looking at the teams playing this game automatically makes us all want to go out and buy some popcorn because we know the quality of both squads.

Stay with us, at you will have the analysis of each team and the betting odds, so you can invest your money wisely.

2021-22 NBA Season – Chicago Bulls vs. Golden State Warriors – Betting Odds & Free Pick – Info

Quando: Friday, January 14 at 07:30 pm ET

Probabilidades de Moneyline: Bulls -164 / Warriors +140

Draw Offs:

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Por que apostar em touros

O búfalos de Chicago come to this game with the firm conviction of continuing to demonstrate why they are in first place in the Conferência Leste da NBA and, therefore, are one of the best teams in the league at the moment.

Although they are a powerful team and have an excellent squad to be at the top of the conference for the rest of the season, they have not played at their optimal level in recent days.

O búfalos de Chicago come from being crushed in an excellent game played by the Brooklyn Nets, with a result of 112-138.

Por que apostar em guerreiros

On the other hand, the super-powerful Golden State Warriors, come to this game experiencing the most complicated situation, since they started the season with losses in their last two games. Similarly, they are in second place in the Conferência Oeste, with an impressive record of 30 wins and 11 losses.

Although it is true that the Guerreiros already have Klay Thompson in their starting lineup, he has not returned at his best and has not been able to help, as in previous seasons, to achieve victories.

O Guerreiros vêm de ser esmagado em seu último jogo pelo Bucks with a score of 99-118.

Final Betting Analysis: Chicago Bulls vs. Golden State Warriors

The game that will paralyze all NBA fans will be, without a doubt, this one between Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors.

At we can see that there is a Linha de dinheiro that strongly favors the Chicago Touros at -164, while Golden State Warriors start at +140.

O Guerreiros urgently need to get back on the winning track if they want to return to first place in the Conferência Oeste.

Enquanto o Touros are on their way to qualifying, their level of play is more intact than ever.

Procure uma vitória direta no Moneyline búfalos de Chicago. Se você colocar $100 no Touros at -164 you’ll be looking at a $60.98 win with a total payout of $160.98.

Chicago Bulls vs. Golden State Warriors Betting Pick: Chicago Bulls

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