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Resumen de la jornada 10 del Apertura MX 2023

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This weekend was quite interesting, especially for those who were expecting the top teams to continue their role at the top of the Liga MX regular season, as we got some shake-ups and surprises.

Out of the top 6 teams on the scoreboard, only two of them managed to get a victory this weekend, and it was enough to switch spots around at the top.

América managed to become the sole leader on the scoreboard, and Tigres continued their positive run, so now they are one point behind as the 2nd place, taking over a few spots.

Let’s break down what took place in some of the matches we had these last few days.

Apertura MX Matchday 10 Roundup: Tijuana 5 – 1 Juárez


Friday, September 29 at 11:00 p.m. ET in the Estadio Caliente

Cuotas del Moneyline:

Tijuana +114 

Juárez +235



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The Xolos of Tijuana caused a storm of goals and at home, they beat FC Juárez 5-1. They gave the visitors a real beating and did so with a score that those from Baja California had never achieved since their appearance in Liga MX.

Miguel Herrera’s team had a good second half in which they came out on top, thus increasing the number of games without a win for those from Juárez to three.

The match started busy, and just in the 7th minute, Christian Rivera found the ball, hit it with a volley, and was saved by Alfredo Talavera. The first for FC Juárez ended in a goal when a free kick taken by Christian Oliva, José García headed, there was a rebound, and it was left to Andrija Vukcevic, who did not miss and at 18′ and made it 1-0 for the visit. Diego Mejía’s men still had the second when Oliva put it on the crossbar at 21′, so that the Xolos were saved.

Starting the complementary part, Lucas Cavallini hit a pass from Martínez and flew it just in the 49th minute. Then came the mistakes of the visit that opened the way for the Xolos.

Avilés Hurtado made a mistake at the start, Martínez took it and hit it in the 53rd minute and scored between the hands of Talavera to make it 2-1 for the home team. They were barely settling in, and González made it 3-1 at 55′, with a long-range shot that Tala couldn’t reach, and the Xolos felt better and better on the field.

Cavallini made it 4-1 at 59′, receiving an assist with a header from Charly González, and unleashed an impossible line for Talavera. It seemed that the danger remained there, but no, since Fernando Madrigal hit him with a volley and scored a great goal in the 66th minute, to make it 5-1; The play was reviewed in the VAR for a possible offside, but there was nothing.

At 77′, González left the Xolos with 10 men due to an expulsion via VAR, but the advantage was impossible to overcome. What’s more, the ‘Bravos’ didn’t even come close.

Apertura MX Matchday 10 Roundup: Atlético San Luis 1 – 2 Cruz Azul


Friday, September 29 at 11:00 p.m. ET in the Estadio Alfonso Lastras Ramírez

Cuotas del Moneyline:

Atlético San Luis -105 

Cruz Azul +285



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Cruz Azul recovered its memory. After several turbulent days full of controversy, they finally won again and left the last place in the standings. La Maquina won (1-2) against Atlético de San Luis, leader of the competition, at the Alfonso Lastras Stadium to put an end to a dark week.

With scores from Carlos Rotondi (51′) and a penalty from Uriel Antuna (89′), the Celestials achieved their second victory of the tournament against a great team from Potosí.

Goalkeeper Andrés Gudiño and the entire light blue defense showed another side in the first half and managed to defend well so that the Argentine Rotondi opened the scoring with a header. The capital’s team gave up the attack, and the San Luis one took the initiative and in the 70th minute found reward with a superb goal from Dieter Villalpando. A shot outside the area made Alfonso Lastras explode.

When it seemed that La Maquina would not add three, the whistler Adonai Escobedo reviewed a handball in the VAR and declared a penalty that Uriel Antuna ultimately validated. Important victory for a light blue team that was finally able to breathe, add three, and put out the fire of a week that seemed to have no end.

Apertura MX Matchday 10 Roundup: Club América 1 – 0 Pumas


Saturday, September 30 at 8:45 p.m. ET in the Estadio Azteca

Cuotas del Moneyline:

América -161 

Pumas +500



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América vs. Pumas heated up after the only goal was scored by ‘Cabecita’. During the second half, the Clásico Capitalino heated up on the field of play, since at minute 60 a fight broke out between players from both teams.

As the minutes passed, the Capital Classic increased its tension due to complaints from players from both teams. This ended up heating things, and at 60 the situation reached its limit when two players faced each other, which led to the 22 players on the field quickly coming to separate them, and even elements of the bench from both teams having to intervene.

It should be noted that during this outbreak of a fight on the field, two Pumas footballers ended up lying on the ground and needed medical assistance.

The first of them was Pablo Monroy, who was even assisted by his teammates due to a cramp, which later caused him to be replaced by Robert Ergas. The second to be lying on the grass was ‘Toro’ Fernández, who only had a quick check and remained on the field of play.

After a couple of minutes, the situation calmed down as the players were separated. This allowed the referee to restart the match, giving a warning to those involved in this fight and reprimanding Igor Lichnovski.

Apertura MX Matchday 10 Roundup: Mazatlán 2 – 3 Tigres


Saturday, September 30 at 9:00 p.m. ET in the Estadio de Mazatlán

Cuotas del Moneyline:

Mazatlán +320 

Tigres -111



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Tigres continues with a big plan by having the luxury of defeating Mazatlán as visitors three goals to one and thus rounding off a perfect week in both Liga MX and the Campeones Cup.

The felines took to the field with an alternate team due to the physical wear and tear they endured during the week.

Mazatlán started strong and quickly generated scoring opportunities, scoring the first just in the 22nd minute, in a play in which Aké Loba was left alone in front of the goal, having only to push the ball after a pass from Nicolás Benedetti.

Before the first half ended, the Regios responded with a great individual play by Diego Lainez who with a shot from outside the area with his left leg put it in the far corner of the goalkeeper to even the game.

In the second half, Tigres came out with a different face on the field, now being more proactive and looking for the rival goal, and they quickly managed to take the lead with a good header from Nicolás Ibañez just 10 minutes into the complementary half.

Robert Dante Siboldi sent all the meat to the grill, and in the first play in which André-Pierre Gignac participated, he combined with Ozziel Herrera who had also entered to practically end the match with the third goal at minute 65 of regular time.

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