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Resumen de la jornada 34 del Brasileirão

Last Updated on noviembre 13, 2023 7:01 pm by Erwin Noguera

Matchday 34 of the Brasileirão is history and, as expected, we have a new leader of the standings, Palmeiras.

The Verdão continued to show great play in recent weeks and won again at the weekend, taking advantage of Botafogo’s draw to take the top spot. On the other hand, Grêmio was not as fortunate, losing unexpectedly to Corinthians to remain in third place in the table, just 1 point behind ‘O Fogo’ and 3 behind Palmeiras.

Bragantino, on the other hand, also failed to take advantage of Botafogo’s new slip-up, as they drew last weekend, and the point only served to keep them level with Grêmio in third place. However, Atlético Mineiro won again and moved dangerously close to the top of the standings.

Now, let’s look at what happened in some of the most interesting matches of this Brasileirão matchday 34.

Resumen de la jornada 34 del Brasileirão – Flamengo vs. Fluminense – Info


Saturday, November 11 at 2:30 p.m. ET in the Maracanã

Cuotas del Moneyline:

Flamenco -111

Fluminense +275



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One of the day’s first matches was the world-famous ‘Fla-Flu’. Both teams gave their all at the Maracanã last Saturday. However, they could not get beyond a 1-1 draw on the scoreboard.

The match was back and forth throughout the 90 minutes, with both teams attacking their opponents’ defense hard. Just when we all thought the first half would end with a 0-0 scoreline. Uruguay’s Giorgian de Arrascaeta scored the first goal of the match for Flamengo in the 45+2 minute.

This, undoubtedly, made the home team start the second half with a lot of confidence and determination to seal the match. However, the ‘Tricolor’ woke up, and in an excellent play by Yony González in minute 62′, they managed to equalize.

With this result, Flamengo dropped to sixth place in the table, while Fluminense remained eighth, thanks to São Paulo’s draw.

Result: Flamengo (1) – (1) Fluminense

Resumen de la jornada 34 del Brasileirão – Palmeiras vs. Internacional – Info


Sábado 11 de noviembre a las 5:00 pm Este en la Arena Barueri

Cuotas del Moneyline:


Internacional +420



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Another great match on day 34 of the Série A was between Palmeiras and Internacional. These two teams are in entirely different situations, but there is no doubt that they went out to give their all to get the 3 points. Palmeiras’ power and understanding ultimately led them to an excellent 3-0 victory.

As expected, playing at home, the ‘Verdão’ adopted a spectacular offensive game against a team with many defensive problems in this 2023 Brasileirão season. Their constant attacks paid off in the 38th minute when Zé Rafael scored his team’s first goal.

From that moment on, the locals set the tone for the entire match and came very close to making it 2-0. However, the first half ended with a partial score of 1-0.

Then, in the 59th minute of the second half, Endrick Felipe scored 2-0 to give the ‘Verdão’ much more confidence. Internacional tried their best to get back into the match, but their efforts were completely in vain, as, at minute 88′ Ronielson da Silva Barbosa scored the definitive 3-0.

After this victory, Palmeiras climbed to first place in the table, while Internacional dropped to 13th.

Result: Palmeiras (3) – (0) Internacional

Resumen de la jornada 34 del Brasileirão – Bragantino vs. Botafogo– Info


Sunday, November 12 at 2:00 p.m. ET in the Nabizão

Cuotas del Moneyline:

Bragantino -132

Botafogo +340


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Botafogo continues to have problems in this final stretch of the season. When it was thought that they would have secured the first place in the table, they began to lose and draw matches to the point that, right now, they are already second and have 2 points of difference concerning Palmeiras at the top of the table.

Likewise, this match between Botafogo and Bragantino was one of the best of this 34th round of the Brasileirão since both teams are fighting to stay at the top.

This match started with a lot of intensity from both teams and in an excellent offensive play, Bragantino managed to take the lead in the 3rd minute thanks to Thiago Borbas’s goal. From that moment on, they went all out in attack and had many chances to score. However, Botafogo’s defense was able to react to avoid being sentenced.

As the minutes went by, the visitors gained confidence and, in the 35′ and 37′ minutes, they turned the scoreboard 2-1 thanks to goals by João Victor and Carlos Eduardo de Oliveira.

After that, the match turned into a textbook give-and-take, undoubtedly leaving us with plenty of excitement. Finally, when we all thought that Botafogo would win 2-1, Thiago Borbas scored the definitive 2-2 in the 90+6 minutes.

With this result, both teams lost two golden points in their fight for the top of the table.

Result: Bragantino (2) – (2) Botafogo 

Brasileirão Jornada 34 – Roundup – Grêmio vs. Corinthians– Info


Domingo 12 de noviembre a las 14:00 ET en la Arena do Grêmio 

Cuotas del Moneyline:

Grêmio -133

Corintios +380



Donde puedo verlo?


Finally, Corinthians and Grêmio gave us a match of great intensity and surprises since we all expected a comfortable victory for the locals. However, the visitors’ defense and goalkeeper did everything they could to keep a clean sheet to claim a narrow victory.

Corinthians indeed gave Grêmio a big blow in this match. However, this does not mean they were superior to them, as it was quite the opposite. The ‘Tricolor Gaucho’ had up to 26 scoring chances, 9 of which ended with direct shots on goal, so we can say that it is to the credit of the opposing defense and goalkeeper that they did not score a single goal.

The match was decided in the 32nd minute when Ángel Romero Villamayor beat Gabriel Chapecó to give his team a 1-0 victory.

With this defeat, Grêmio lost the opportunity to climb to the first place in the Brasileirão, while Corinthians climbed to 11th.

Result: Grêmio (0) – (1) Corinthians 

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