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If there is something that characterizes a World Cup more than a party, excitement and worldwide attention is competitiveness, and competitiveness brings with it surprises, a lot of them. This World Cup has already brought us two massive upsets in just 4 days of the championship, so we are excited to see what’s yet to come.

It is the dream of any bettor that has an insightful eye, and a nightmare for those that always go for the secure, but, undoubtedly, in the entertainment department, no sporting event comes even close. To that, we have to add that this atypical World Cup comes in the winter months, in a different context than all the others before. That’s the magic of Qatar, for good or bad.

Now, before starting the analysis, let’s remember that, for a result to be considered an upset, there should be a massive difference, not only in the Odds pointed out by bookmakers, but also in terms of history and sporting capacity. So, Ecuador’s victory over the host doesn’t enter this category quite that much, although we massively respect the South American team’s heroics.

World Cup Qatar 2022 – Most Impressive results and Upsets – Arabia Saudi 2 – 1 Argentina


Tuesday, November 22 at 5:00 AM at the Lusail Stadium

Betting Odds:

Argentina -724

Saudi Arabia +2100

Draw Offs:


The national team from the Arabic Peninsula shocked the world this Tuesday, November 22, as in the first game of the day they pulled a massive comeback against Messi’s Argentina, in a game when the South American Astro scored.

The game started as expected, with the Albiceleste dominating the game and constantly entering the Saudi area, although without much effectiveness. However, in a set piece for the Argentines, a little pull in the area by the defender was deemed enough by the VAR to sanction a Penalty, which Messi converted.

The first half was a sea of outside plays by Argentina, one for Leo and the other two from Lautaro Martinez, as the South Americans were effective in their attack plays, but lacked the concentration to finish them properly.

Just as the old saying says, if you don’t give you receive, and the Argentines received two hooks to the liver in just over five minutes. First, a great run in the flank by Saleh Al-Shehri was finished off by himself beating Dibu Martinez on his far post.

Later, Salem Al-Dawsari dribbled inside the area and put an impressive ball inside the Argentines’ net, which shut down immediately the South Americans in the stands, that couldn’t believe the Arabic heroics. Argentine tried to recover from the hit, but their best chances were stopped by the Saudi goalkeeper who was enormous.

World Cup Qatar 2022 – Most Impressive results and Upsets – Japan 2 – 1 Germany


Wednesday, November 23 at 8:00 AM ET in the International Stadium Jalifa

Betting Odds:

Germany: -222

Japan: +675

Draw Offs:


The Asian nations started slow on this world cup, first, the host was the first ever home nation to lose the inaugural match, then Iran (one of the strongest Asian nations on paper) received a massive beating by England. However, Saudi Arabia decided to ruin the Argentine’s party, and, just minutes ago, Japan gave Germany yet another World Cup upset, after their disaster in 2018.

Just as in the previous match, it started as expected, and as it started it ended. We could say both games mirrored each other in many aspects. However, one of the differences was that Japan’s goalkeeper was enormous from the first minute, being one of the figures of the match, although he got a little over-excited in the play that ended up in Germany’s penalty, which Gundogan converted with class.

Another difference is that Germany’s dominance extended towards the beginning of the second half, but, in a counterattack, a great long cross to the area ended up in a shot that Neuer stopped, but giving a central rebound that Ritsu Doan didn’t forgive. Later, with the Teutons on the attack, a great run by Asano ended up in a powerful shot that burned the German’s net.

We could say that this was a little payback the Europeans receive, as the Bundesliga compensate for its lack of resources in front of other leagues by picking players in exotic markets, and Japan is one of their favorite hunting grounds. As we mentioned in our Group Preview, the Asian team has a spine composed of current and former Bundesliga players, and they used their experience to good profit.
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