Super Bowl 57 Best Bets, Betting Lines and Odds

Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl 57 Favorites and Betting Odds 2023 Season Stats

Super Bowl 57 is going to be an epic battle between two of the best teams in the NFL this 2022/2023 season. Get your free Super Bowl betting picks plus an in depth analysis of both teams, public consensus picks, Eagles and Chiefs season long odds.

Update: check out the latest Super Bowl 57 MVP Odds and Eagles and Chiefs injuries that could change odds and the Super Bowl Champion.
Super Bowl LVII (57) will be happening on Sunday, February 12, 2023 with a kick off time slated for 6:30pm Eastern Time at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.
If you’re looking to watch Super Bowl 57 from the US or Mexico, here’s what you need to know:
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Jalen Hurts had an incredible 2022/2023 NFL season leading the Eagles to the NFC Championship. After taking over the starting role from Carson Wentz, Hurts led the Eagles to their first Super Bowl appearance since 2004. He was also named Toyota Player of the Year and earned his first Pro Bowl selection. His 3701 passing yards, 460 completions, and 15 touchdown passes were all career highs. In addition to his impressive passing stats, he also rushed for 7 touchdowns and 1,008 yards on the ground. His dual-threat ability made him one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in the league.


Patrick Mahomes had another stellar season as the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs in 2022/2023. He completed an impressive 69.5% of his passes, throwing for 5,125 yards and 48 touchdowns with only 10 interceptions. He finished the season with an incredible 117.3 passer rating, making him one of the most dominant quarterbacks in NFL history. 

What's Inside

As much as this Superbowl 57 is a battle of Mahmoes vs. Hurts, it’s also a battle of the two best Defenses in the NFL and pits the Chiefs #1 rated offense against the Eagles #3 ranked offense (what happened Buffalo, you were number 2 in the NFL!).

Current Super Bowl betting odds from the top oddsmakers and sportsbooks feature the Philadelphia Eagles as short favorites against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs and Eagles are facing off in Super Bowl LVII, with the Eagles currently favored by -1.5 points according to the point spread. Moneyline odds also favor the Eagles, with them listed at -115 compared to the Chiefs’ -105. The total for this game is set at 50.5 points.

Our bookmakers are telling us this game is going to be a close, Super Bowl battle that could go either way.

Pro betting tip: When close championship games like the Chiefs vs. Eagles come up, add some prop bets to your bet slip and you’ll have plenty of chances to grab a nice bag this Super Bowl Sunday.

Odds to Win SB57

It until week 6 for bookmakers and sportsbook to take the Philadelphia Eagles seriously. Watch their odds get increasingly better from Week 1 to Week 7. Surpisingly, oddsmakers didn’t give the Eagles better odds right up to the Divisional Playoff round. The question is: can you really trust sportsbook odds?

A sportsbook is always setting their odds to balance both sides of their lines. It’s not about a game outcome, it’s about managing the winning and losing bets that they’re taking from their players.  For this and many other reasons you want to consider a Sports Betting Exchange like Gambyl instead of the old school sportsbooks.

Why Bet on the Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are heading into Super Bowl LVII with a lot of momentum.

After winning the Super Bowl in 2020, they’ve been a consistently competitive playoff team. They’ve won eight of their last eleven playoff games and have been one of the most consistent teams in the NFL over the past few years.

For sports bettors, there are tons of reasons to back the Chiefs. The first is that they have one of the best quarterbacks in the league in Patrick Mahomes.

Patrick Mahomes has shown time and again that he can lead his team to victory when it matters most, and he’s likely to be at his best when it comes to this year’s Super Bowl.A

nother reason to put some money on the Chiefs is their strong defense. The Chiefs have one of the best defenses in the league, and they’ll be looking to shut down any offensive threats from Jalen Hurts and Eagles offense.

This could prove crucial if they’re going to be able to keep the Eagles from scoring points.

Finally, it’s important to note that the Chiefs have had success against some of their toughest opponents this season. They were able to beat both Tom Brady (into retirement) and Aaron Rodgers during the regular season, showing just how good they can be when facing top-tier competition.

With an elite quarterback leading a strong defense, they are sure to put up a fight against any opponent they face off against. So if you’re looking for a safe bet for this year’s big game, look no further than the Kansas City Chiefs.

Why Bet on the Eagles

The Eagles are technically listed as the home team for the Super Bowl, but unlike last year where the Rams played in their home stadium, this Super Bowl is set at a neutral site in Glendale, Arizona.

Both #1 seeds in their respective conferences have made it to this point, making for an interesting matchup between the two best teams in the NFL.The Eagles have had a strong season, finishing with an 14-3 record.

The Eagles offense, led by quarterback Jalen Hurts who has thrown for 4,000 yards and 27 touchdowns this season. Hurts been supported by a talented group of wide receivers, including Alshon Jeffery and DeSean Jackson, who have combined for over 1,500 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns.

On defense, the Eagles boast the best front sevens in football with Fletcher Cox leading the way.

In addition to their impressive regular season performance, the Eagles have also shown that they can compete with any team in the playoffs.

They defeated both the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers on their way to winning the NFC Championship Game against San Francisco 49ers.

This was an impressive feat considering that both of those teams were favored to win their respective games.

The Eagles are also well-prepared for Super Bowl LVII given their playoff and Super Bowl experience in recent years. They won Super Bowl LII against the Patriots five years ago and have since made several deep playoff runs since then.

This experience gives them an edge over other teams and put the matchup experience against the Chiefs as an even wash, the Eagles know what it takes to win on the biggest stage in the NFL. For all these reasons, sports bettors have a lot of options betting on the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII.

Smart Bets for Super Bowl 57

The Eagles and Chiefs are going to have a tightly contested Super Bowl 57 according to the sportsbooks.

Let’s break this down:

  1. The Spread has been consistent over the past week, it hasn’t moved from the 1.5 points bookmakers are giving spread bettors. A spread of +1.5 or -1.5 basically mean both teams are pretty much evenly matched—essentially, a +1.5 underdog has just about as good of a chance to win as a -1.5 favorite (at least in the eyes of oddsmakers).
  2. The Over Under is sitting at 50.5. Sportsbooks are giving this a close (to even line) on the spread, so bookies are looking at a regular time matchup around 24-26 points for the Eagles and Chiefs.
  3. The Moneyline is moving more than the Spread or the Over Under. A moneyline bet may not be the best bet in a game like this. The Eagles have a slight edge at -114 to the Chiefs at +106. There isn’t much value in either of these lines, $100 on the +106 is going to net you $6 while the -114 is going to mean you’re putting down $114 to win back your $100 stake.

Super Bowl 57 Free Picks

Don’t play the moneyline.

There isn’t enough value here to make any real profit, not to mention the high risk nature of a straight up winner between the Eagles and Chiefs.

This thing could easily go into overtime and neither of these teams has a history of rolling over and getting destroyed (sorry Bengals fans, that was a complete AFC Championship blow out).

The Money lines has little profit value and a lot of risk. Stay away from the Moneyline.

Don’t play the spread.

What spread? Yeah, that’s right, we said it.

1.5 point spread isn’t a spread at all. The simple rule to go with is, if the traditional sportsbooks don’t give a spread then it’s a clear sign the game is too close to call from their point of view.

If your sportsbook isn’t providing value, then don’t take this bet. Move on, we have a couple of ways you find a ton of value in Super Bowl 57.

Play the Over Under

The totals don’t look too shabby at all. 50.5 points for a Super Bowl. 

The Super Bowl total ticked as high as 51 points late last week but as the bye weekend wraps up, the consensus across the industry is 50.5 points for the Over/Under. Oddsmakers are reporting 52% of bets on the Under but 52% of money on the Over – a split that will likely trend toward the Over in both categories as the public players get their wagers in on the total this week.

We could see this total go back up closer to kickoff and potential buyback from sharp players on the Under, much like we saw this week when the total went to 51 points.

Free Spread and Totals Bets for Super Bowl LVII

If you’re going to go with a Spread and Totals bet, pick the Eagles (-1.5) to cover the spread, and we like grabbing the total going Under 50.5.

Remember 63% of the bets placed against the spread are on the Chiefs +1.5; the moneyline splits show 54% of the moneyline bets are on the Eagles at -120 odds; 63% of the public bets are on the Under (50.5).

Best Super Bowl 57 Prop Bets

A prop bet, or proposition bet, is a wager on an event that does not directly involve the outcome of the game itself. Prop bets are often related to individual players or teams and can be placed on anything from who will score the first touchdown to which team will win the coin toss.There are plenty of prop bets available if you’re looking to get in on the action and make some real money when the lines are as tight as they are for Super Bowl 57.

Passing touchdowns

  • Jalen Hurts: Over 1.5 (-109) | Under 1.5 (-125)
  • Patrick Mahomes: Over 1.5 (-234) | Under 1.5 (+165)

Passing yards

  • Jalen Hurts: Over 245.5 (-117) | Under 245.5 (-117)
  • Patrick Mahomes: Over 287.5 (-117) | Under 287.5 (-117)


  • Jalen Hurts: Over 0.5 (+110) | Under 0.5 (-151)
  • Patrick Mahomes: Over 0.5 (-123) | Under 0.5 (-111)

Pass completions

  • Jalen Hurts: Over 21.5 (-119) | Under 21.5 (-115)
  • Patrick Mahomes: Over 24.5 (-125) | Under 24.5 (-109)

Pass attempts

  • Jalen Hurts: Over 32.5 (-108) | Under 32.5 (-127)
  • Patrick Mahomes: Over 38.5 (-131) | Under 38.5 (-104)

Passer rating in game

  • Jalen Hurts: Over 90.5 (-140) | Under 90.5 (+110)
  • Patrick Mahomes: Over 99.5 (-115) | Under 99.5 (-115)

Half with most passing yards

  • Jalen Hurts: First half +120 | Second half and OT -150
  • Patrick Mahomes: First half +150 | Second half and OT -180

Best Bet Types and Definitions

What is backing a line?

Backing a line in sports betting is when you select one side of the bet as the one which you think will be successful. This means taking the favorite in spread betting, or picking an over or under in totals betting. For player props, it means selecting whether to go over or under a certain statistic, and for live bets it means immediately placing a bet after a team scores or a player gets injured.

What is laying a line?

Laying a line in sports betting is the opposite of backing a line – it means selecting the side of the bet which you think will not be successful. This means taking the underdog in spread betting, or selecting an under rather than an over in totals betting. For player props, it means choosing to go under a certain statistic and for live bets, it means anticipating an event before it happens so you can place a bet on its outcome.

What is spread betting?

Spread betting is a popular way to get more out of the NFL season. It involves picking one side of the sportsbook point spread, such as taking the Cincinnati Bengals as a 6.5-point favorite (-6.5) in Week 1 against the Pittsburgh Steelers or “taking the points” and betting on the Steelers +6.5 as an underdog.

What are Totals or Over/Under bets?

Totals betting gives bettors another option by allowing them to pick one side of an over/under bet, such as whether they think there will be more or less than 44 points scored when the Baltimore Ravens play the New York Jets in Week 1.

What are Prop Bets?

Player props are bets based on individual game performance statistics and usually become available from sportsbooks on Friday before each game starts. As an example, for the Rams vs Bills Week 1 game there may be bets available with over/under lines for Josh Allen’s passing yards or “anytime touchdown scorer” odds for any player. Live bets can also be placed during a game once it has started which provide updated odds that reflect what has happened up to that point in time. If you have a read on the momentum of the game before these live odds change, you could find some great value!

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