Wolverhampton Wanderers vs. Liverpool – Preview & Betting Odds

Wolverhampton vs. Liverpool – Premier League – Preview and Betting Odds

The Premier League has an exciting match in store for us this Saturday, December 4rth. This time, as the Wolverhampton Wanderers and Liverpool clash on the field.

The Scoreboard currently has Liverpool at the 3rd spot, and The Wolves sit at 6th place.

The match will be taking place as scheduled at the Molineux Stadium, in Wolverhampton, England, at 10:00 am, E.T. 

You can check the Premier League bets, the analysis of each squad and the final bet, and its analysis of each match of the tournament.

2021 Premier League – Wolverhampton Wanderers vs. Liverpool – Betting Odds & Free Pick – Info

When: Saturday, December 4rth at 10:00 am ET

Moneyline odds: Wolverhampton +500 / Liverpool -217

Draw Offs: +330

Where Can I Watch? NBCSN

Why Bet on Wolverhampton Wanderers

The hosts for this match, the Wolves, are in extraordinary form, with 2 wins in 3 games. Their only down point in the last few weeks was the loss against Crystal Palace when the team looked tired.

However, they managed to recover with an unexpected win against a side tipped for much greater things, West Ham, and now look to be the stone on the shoe for another in-form side.

Wolverhampton, either way, has to be a the top of its capabilities to beat Liverpool. The Reds have taken thrashing the West Midlands side as a custom.

Why Bet on Liverpool

Liverpool has Virgil Van Dijk and Thiago at the top of their capabilities, so this means business. When Liverpool’s side gets their things together they look like an unstoppable beast. However, when they don’t, things don’t seem quite right. They come from losing to West Ham not long ago and have had a couple of shambolic results with draws against the likes of Brentford and Brighton.

This means that we should not be overconfident about the Reds’ capabilities. But, that attacking trio is almost impossible to stop at times.

Final Betting Analysis: Wolverhampton Wanderers vs. Liverpool

Liverpool matches have been among the most enjoyable this season. Meanwhile, Wolverhampton has taken its toll against their rivals in their way.

The Wolves will try to use the great form of the likes of Kilman and Sa to stop Liverpool, but in the end, we believe that it won’t be enough to stop Salah, Mane, and Jota.

We expect this match to be a victory for our betting pick, Liverpool.

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs. Liverpool Pick: Liverpool

Humberto Argaez

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