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Liguilla Semifinals First Leg: Tigres vs. Monterrey Preview

Last Updated on May 16, 2023 10:59 pm by Erwin Noguera

The Liguilla after the Clausura Regular Season in Liga MX is getting heated, as not only we are entering the first leg of the semifinals, but we have two exciting classics to look forward to.

One of them is the Clásico Regiomontano, as the two biggest teams in the north of Mexico face each other with the finals in their sight.

The clash between these two title contenders will be taking place on Wednesday, as the University Stadium will be the venue for the first leg.

Find out all about this great game with our analysis and our prediction on Tigres vs. Monterrey.


Wednesday, May 17th – 9:00 pm ET at the University Stadium

Moneyline odds:

Tigres +152

Monterrey +187

Draw offs:


Where Can I Watch it? 


Why Bet on Tigres?

Tigres managed to get their victory on an aggregate score of 5-4 against Toluca, but it didn’t look too good for any of the teams during that matchup.

In their first match, the Felines managed to score an astounding 4-1 against Toluca, which should have assured that the team would make it to the semifinals.

This was, however, really bad for Tigres, as they went so light into the second encounter that Toluca scored 1-3 on them and went so close to getting a tie on the score, which would have favored them.

This shows that the team from the University Stadium is either not as strong as the first match suggested, or simply is not taking things seriously.

Why Bet on Monterrey?

Monterrey managed to stop Santos Laguna in their first match, keeping the score 0-0 for the first leg.

They then went ahead and beat Santos up on the second leg, achieving a 2-0 score to get things going their way to make it into the final.

The team was the leader in the scoreboard and they want to show everyone the reasons behind it during the playoffs.

Final Betting Analysis: Tigres vs. Monterrey

This clash is exciting one way or another, as a few years back, these teams clashed in the Liguilla right on the final match.

However, after the second leg of the Tigres matches up in the quarterfinals, some of the hype was lost, as they looked way less impressive than what they had shown in the first leg.

Whatever the case, Monterrey has been one of the best teams on the whole season, and there is a reason behind it, which they may likely showcase in this clash as they make their way to the finals.

If you put $100 into Monterrey’s victory, you could get $187 for a total payout of $287.

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