NaVi vs. Gambit – Predictions and Free Picks

NaVi vs Gambit PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Betting Odds & Free Pick
NaVi vs. Gambit PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Betting Odds & Free Pick

After a long time, in which we did not have a Major tournament with fans present in a stadium, the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 has returned in style and, the fans who have said present in each of the quarterfinal matches in the Avicii Arena have been at the height of the championship.

The PGL Major Stockholm 2021 is in its highest stage. Since we have the name of the four best teams of the tournament that will be measured in the semifinals; NaVi, Gambit, Team Heroic, and G2 Esports.

NaVi and Gambit Esports, which will play this Saturday, November 6, 2021, at 03:00 pm ET, will play the second game of the semifinals of this PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

You can check the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 bets, the analysis of each squad and the final bet, and its analysis of each match of the tournament. 

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Semifinals – NaVi vs. Gambit – Betting Odds & Free Pick – Info

When: Saturday, November 06, 2021, at 03:00 pm ET.

Moneyline odds: NaVi -204 / Gambit Esports +159

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Why Bet on NaVi

The best team in the world and, on this PGL Major Stockholm 2021, reaches these semifinals with the tag of favorites. More confirmed than ever, since they have crushed each of the rivals they have faced in this Major. NaVi is a complete team, each one of its players has a defined role and, anyone can define a match.

In the quarterfinals, NaVi crushed Team Vitality with an excellent 2-0 result. In the first map (Dust II), NaVi took the victory with a result of 16-11 and in Nuke, they repeated the dose with a result of 16-13.

Why Bet on Gambit Esports

On the other hand, Gambit Esports is also coming off an excellent match in the quarterfinals. They managed to defeat the Brazilian team, FURIA Esports, in an excellent way.

This match had a first heart attack map chosen by the Brazilians (Inferno), since, after losing the first part of the map (9-6), FURIA managed to come back and equalize the score with 15-15, but, Gambit draw their experience and beat them with a score of 19-17, in overtime. In the second map (Overpass) things were completely different, and Gambit managed to take the victory with a result of 16-10.

Final Betting Analysis: NaVi vs. Gambit

In this match between NaVi and Gambit, we will continue to observe an extremely high level of play, as both teams arrive with great confidence after crushing their rivals in the quarterfinals.

NaVi continues to show that they are the best team in the world and that their level of play is above any other team, so they are the favorites to be in the grand finale.

While Gambit wants to strike and defeat the complicated NaVi team, for this, they have to play on the brink of perfection, since, whatever gap they leave to the Ukrainians/Russians, it will be death for them.

For this match, our winner token is for NaVi.

NaVi vs. Gambit Betting Pick: NaVi

Eduardo Perozo

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