DWG Kia vs. Cloud9 – Preview and Betting Odds

LOL World Cup Group Phase – DWG Kia vs. Cloud9

The 2021 World Championship is the crowning event of League of Legends esports for the year.

The matches are taking place and the top 16 teams fight to get to the knock-out phase on their run to claim the Summoner’s Cup.

As we step into day 3, group A will have the meeting between DAMWON Gaming & Cloud9 on Wednesday, October 13 at 12 pm PT.

LOL World Cup 2021 Group Phase – DAMWON Gaming vs. Cloud9 – Betting Odds & Free Pick – Info

When: Wednesday, October 13, 2021, at 9:00 am ET.

Moneyline odds: DWG KIA 1.18 (Favorite) vs. Cloud9 4.46 (Underdog)

Where Can I Watch? Official LOLEsports

Where Can Stream? www.LOLesports.com

Why Bet on DANWON Gaming

DWG KIA successfully took home the Cup last year in S10.

At this year’s MSI, they had an excellent performance and showed their outstanding strength with their midlane/jungle synergy.

They were able to win all but one game, securing the second-place spot. 

The team later continued their strong dominance in the LCK summer competition, losing only one game in two best-of-five matches and claiming the Championship.

They are playing at the top of their game and are eager to show what they are capable of.

Why Bet on Cloud9

Cloud9 is having an odd season so far, they managed to win the Spring Split but failed at the MSI 2021.

They finished the summer split in 3rd place, so they couldn’t go straight into the group phase and had to fight their way in through the play-ins.

They managed to get to the group phase, but now, sitting in the “Death group A”, they are going to have to go through a tough fight to keep going.

Final Betting Analysis: DWG KIA vs. Cloud9

This is bound to be a fun match, with Cloud9 making the most of their opportunity at the group stage to get as far as they can.

However, DAMWON Gaming sits as one of the top 3 picks to win the tournament and facing C9, they are also our betting pick, as we see them taking the victory.

DWG KIA vs. Cloud9 Betting Pick: DAMWON Gaming

Humberto Argaez

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