LGD Gaming (2) vs. Invictus Gaming (1) – Results

This February 28, 2022, LGD Gaming achieved a very good and disputed victory against the historic League of Legends team, Invictus Gaming with a result of 2-1.

Both teams did not come to this match experiencing a good situation within the standings and, much less in the level of play shown, so, being direct rivals, they knew how important it was for them to achieve victory in this match. That is why they gave us a spectacular game that was full of emotions from the beginning.

Both teams started by playing their cards very well, Invictus Gaming with Zika, Xun, Yuekai, Wink, and Lucas. While LGD dated Fearness, Shadow, Jay, Eric, and Jinjiao.

First Match

The first match was a merciless attack from Invictus Gaming from all sides of the map, the guys from LGD Gaming were surprised by this offense, they had no choice but to play defensively and finally, Invictus Gaming took a very good victory with a score of 20-7.

The guys at LGD Gaming knew that the series was on and that they had two more chances to get two straight wins and take the series.

Second Match

Invictus Gaming tried to start the second match as they played the first, but LGD Gaming managed to stop their offenses and started with a very good 1-2 to get some air and, above all, a lot of confidence.

Then the match became a give and take, which turned into an excellent victory in the end for LGD Gaming with a very good result of 18-8, taking revenge for the beating received in the first match.

Third Match

The third and decisive match began with Invictus Gaming a little more moderate when it came to attacking and with LGD Gaming wanting to prove that the map they had just won was no coincidence.

Invictus Gaming managed to start winning 1-0 after cornering Jay in a very good way. Then LGD managed to respond with 5 consecutive kills. They were playing with excellent game pace and incredible confidence after their win on the previous map.

In the 16th minute of the third map, Invictus Gaming tried to wake up and turn the score around, going down 5-8, but LGD responded with 4 points that would be stoning all IG’s aspirations on this map.

When it looked like LGD was going to finish the match, IG managed to stop them in a great way and they continued with the big battle.

Finally, LGD managed to destroy all Invictus Gaming towers and took the second consecutive map and the victory in the aggregate match that places them at #14 with a record of 3 wins and 7 losses.

Eduardo Perozo

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