CS:GO ESL Pro League Matchday 12 – Preview and Free Picks

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The CS:GO ESL Pro League Group Stage has just hit halfway into the second week, and we are going to dive into the games that we will get for matchday number 12.

Every single matchday we get six teams to show up for three matches, so we will dive into each of them daily.

CS:GO ESL Pro League Matchday 12 Preview – Event Preview, Schedule & Info

When: Thursday, September 12th.

Astralis vs. MOUZ (5:30 AM PT)

HEET vs. Complexity (9:00 AM PT)

ENCE vs. Heroic (12:30 PM PT)

Where Can I Watch? Official CS:GO Streams

Where Can Stream? www.twitch.tv/esl_csgo

Matches Preview:

Astralis vs. MOUZ

Astralis was supposed to be the best team in the group, but Complexity decided to pull an upset with their new roster.

Now the face-off will be interesting, as MOUZ was the second seed in this group, so we should be getting an exciting match.

Things should be pointing towards Astralis, but due to the upset and MOUZ scoring a victory, we expect the current momentum to keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

HEET vs. Complexity

HEET is theoretically the weakest competitor in group C, and things have been pointing towards that.

Complexity comes from a great upset and should keep things going their way during this match.

ENCE vs. Heroic

Heroic hasn’t impressed so far with their new lineup, and ENCE has been showing their growth, including the win against MOUZ in the Roobet Cup.

ENCE is going to keep the momentum they bring in from the match against HEET, and try to step over Heroic as they try to get up from the beating taken by MOUZ.

Humberto Argaez

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