CS:GO ESL Pro League Matchday 11 – Preview and Picks

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The CS:GO ESL Pro League Group Stage has just hit halfway into the second week, and we are going to dive into the matches that we will get for matchday number 11.

Every single matchday we get six teams to show up for three matches, so we will dive into each of them daily.

CS:GO ESL Pro League Matchday 11 Preview – Event Preview, Schedule & Info

When: Wednesday, September 11th.

MOUZ vs. Heroic (5:30 AM PT)

Complexity vs. Astralis (9:00 AM PT)

ENCE vs. HEET (12:30 PM PT)

Where Can I Watch? Official CS:GO Streams

Where Can Stream? www.twitch.tv/esl_csgo

Matches Preview:

MOUZ vs. Heroic

In recent weeks, MOUZ upped their game a lot as they won four out of the last five matches played. 

On the other hand, Heroic is struggling right now as they only have two victories to their name in the last five matches played.

All in all, this is going to be a rough match for Heroic

They are struggling right now while MOUZ is on the rise. 

They will not get an edge over frozen and his squad in the map veto department. 

Betting sites are labeling Heroic as a big favorite in this one, but we simply have to disagree with them this time.

Complexity vs. Astralis

Despite finding success on the regional scene, Complexity was once again beaten badly by the best CS:GO teams in the world. 

They are sitting on three straight defeats and once again, they are looking really bad.

Astralis, however, has four wins in the last six matches played. 

They are also used to beating Complexity as they only dropped two maps over the eight maps in total they played against them.

There is no real point talking about the map veto for this one as Astralis will answer whatever Complexity decides to go for. 

Anything else but an easy 2-0 victory for the Danes would be a big surprise.


Lastly, ENCE will look for its way out of a slump against HEET. Right now, ENCE lost three straight games, but we have to give credit where credit is due, they only played against the top CS:GO teams such as G2, Vitality, and FaZe

Contrary to that, HEET won four out of the last five played. They lost to Astralis, while beating Pusheens, xDDDD, 1WIN, and Benched Heroes.

This sums up the lack of competition HEET had in their recent bouts and ENCE is going to be a hard nut for them to crack. 

Map veto is not favoring anyone in this match as both teams will get comfortable picks for themselves.

We go for ENCE on this one.

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