The 4 Craziest Bets in Football History

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Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. It also has a rich history of high-stakes gambles, from legendary team owners betting on their teams to superstars placing outrageous prop bets.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the craziest football bets ever made.

Steelers vs. Raiders Super Bowl Bet

In 1976, Steelers owner Art Rooney bet Raiders owner Al Davis $10,000 that his team would win Super Bowl X. Rooney was so sure that his Steelers would beat Davis’s Raiders that he even offered to put up his beloved racehorse as collateral for the bet. Needless to say, Davis didn’t take him up on it, and he ended up losing the bet when Pittsburgh beat Las Vegas 21-17 in Super Bowl X. It was one of the most memorable football bets ever made!

The Brady/Manning Prop Bet

In 2010, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning placed a friendly wager on who would win their upcoming game. The stakes were high, Brady agreed to pay Manning a case of beer if Brady’s Patriots were not victorious and vice versa if the Colts lose. As fate would have it, Brady’s Patriots ended up winning 34-28, and Manning had to pay up with a case of Bud Light Lime (his choice). We can only imagine what kind of beer Manning requested to Brady after beating him in their second meeting later that year!

The $1 Million Bet

In 1986, former San Francisco 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr., placed a now-legendary $1 million bet against rival Los Angeles Rams owner Georgia Frontiere for the winner of their upcoming game. DeBartolo won big time when his 49ers pulled off an impressive 30-3 victory over Frontiere’s Rams in what was just the second time in NFL history that such an outrageous sum had been wagered on an NFL game! Needless to say, it remains one of the biggest football bets ever made!

The Fantasy Football Bet

In 2014, two fantasy football enthusiasts took things to another level when they decided to make a $2 million prop bet over which one of them would finish higher in their respective fantasy football leagues. After months of back-and-forth negotiations between both parties (and plenty of legal paperwork) these two guys finally settled on a deal where one guy paid out $1 million if he lost and got nothing if he won! Fortunately for him (and unfortunately for his buddy), he ended up winning.

The Craziest Bets in Football History: Conclusion

Football is more than just a sport; it’s also about camaraderie and competition between fans and owners alike, especially when it comes to placing bets on games or players! From legendary owners betting each other over Super Bowl outcomes to millionaires wagering millions on single games – these four crazy bets are proof that anything is possible when you’re playing America’s favorite sport! So, whether you’re rooting for your favorite team or playing your own fantasy league with friends.

Don’t be afraid to make some friendly wagers, you never know how big they could get!

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