Smart Strategies for Betting

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There are more and more sports betting offers and online casinos around the world, including new sports, increasing the possibilities of betting on various options. That is why today we bring some tips to bet intelligently.

Smart Strategies for Betting: Don’t believe in perfect strategies

First of all, we must clarify that never believe someone who says that with them the bets are 100% or that they have an infallible method. That does not exist. It is impossible to always be able to predict the bets. Sports are practiced by humans and they can have a bad day or a very good day, a team can have bad luck and there are an infinite number of situations that can affect it and that is partly the beauty of sports, the constant possibility of a surprise.

That said, it is good to always keep in mind what is the limit to betting, to avoid a problem in personal finances. If you lose a lot of money continuously, it is better to stop doing it for a while until you stabilize economically again.

Smart Strategies for Betting: STAKES

Once you have decided what your fund is to bet, it is advisable to never bet everything, and that is what STAKEs are for. Surely you have seen this word among groups of bettors, and this is a probability that is given to that bet to see how much is invested. The STAKEs range from 1 to 10, with 10 being something very likely to happen and 1 being almost impossible and, above all, it is done recreationally or to support the team of which you are a follower.

For example, if Barcelona plays for the Copa del Rey against a 4th division team, they will most likely win, so that would be a STAKE 10 and bet 10% of what you have in your account bet. Likewise, saying that a defender will score a hat trick in a match is something that suddenly has never been seen, and, therefore, the odds are very high, but the probability of it happening is very low. This would be a STAKE 1 and you bet 1% of what you have.

Normally bettors use STAKE 5 or 6 in their bets, which have some certainty, and what is being bet is not much. Here you bet 5% or 6%, depending on the STAKE. This STAKE value is placed by oneself taking into account the probability of it happening.

Smart Strategies for Betting: Knowledge is important

You don’t have to be a sports expert with enough level to be a commentator to bet, but it’ll surely help.

Before betting it is always good to read about the game, the teams, the players, the referee, and everything you can. Listening to the comments of the journalists is important to find out about the news, what has happened during the week, new players, strategies, and much more. For example, if the referee of a game has an average of 2 yellow cards per game, it is not advisable to bet that there will be 3 yellow cards that day. On the other hand, if the referee has an average of 5 yellow cards and in his last 3 games he has drawn more than 4, betting that there will be +2.5 cards is a very good option.

Smart Strategies for Betting: think well about combined bets

On the other hand, it is advisable to place bets on 1 game or combinations of a maximum of 2 games. Making combined bets with many games involved, although the odds go up, is very complicated because many situations can occur and you cannot control them.

Smart Strategies for Betting: Watch the games while making a live bet

Also, when placing live bets, it is better if you are watching the game, since the results that are in the moment and time of the game can affect you a lot. The simple fact of seeing that the favorite is losing does not mean that they are going to come back. Novak Djokovic may be losing with the #300 in the world, but you don’t know if he injured an ankle during the game and therefore is not going to improve.


There are many strategies that people recommend, there as the Fibonacci method, the Patent system, the Paroli, or the Martingale, to name a few, which can be investigated further, but the real key is not to bet like crazy. It is not necessary to bet every day. You have to analyze well if you can focus on a sport or tournament and specialize in that, and see when there are real opportunities and a result that you believe is reliable, the hunches in this are not very good. Statistics help, but they are not everything, especially in soccer and tennis. And, above all, knowing when to get out and stop betting for a while when you are in a spiral of defeat.

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