OG vs. Team Vitality – 2021 ESL Pro League CS:GO – Betting odds and Predictions

OG vs Team Vitality 2021 ESL Pro League CSGO Odds and Free Pick
OG vs. Team Vitality 2021 ESL Pro League CS:GO Odds and Free Pick

After a very intense day in the quarterfinals of the ESL Pro League 14, we enter what will be the match that will define one of the finalists of this season 14 and, which will face the winner of the match in the grand final between NaVi and Team Heroic. This semifinal # 2 will be starred by two teams that have played a spectacular ESL Pro League. They leave on the way great teams that were called to be the finalists in this tournament. Team Vitality will face OG this September 11, 2021, at 1: 15 pm ET.

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2021 ESL Pro League CS:GO – OG vs. Team Vitality – Betting Odds & Free Pick – Info

When: Saturday, September 11, 2021, at 10:00 am ET.

Moneyline odds: OG +104 / Team Vitality -149

Where Can I Watch? Official CS:GO Streams

Where Can Stream? www.twitch.tv/esl_csgo

Why Bet on OG

OG is one of the teams in this ESL Pro League that finished the group stage undefeated. They achieved 5 victories in 5 games played, in a group that they were sharing, nothing more and nothing less than with G2 Esports; the great disappointment in this tournament.

After qualifying directly to the quarterfinals for being the first place in their group, OG faced Ninjas in Pajamas. In a memorable match where the Swedes came out to give their all to take the victory. NiP won the first map (Overpass), with a result of 19-15, after this, it seems that NiP ran out of power, and OG defeated them in Mirage (16-12) and Dust II (16-4).

Why Bet on Team Vitality

On the other hand, another very good team in this ESL Pro League and the world, Team Vitality. They had come off a very strong blow on the table, after defeating one of the strongest teams in the quarterfinals, the Russians Gambit Esports.

In this match, Vitality came out to kill or die in the two contested maps (Inferno and Vertigo), which they managed to win. They did this with relative comfort, with results of 16-11 and 16-14, respectively.

Final Betting Analysis: OG vs. TV

In the semifinals of a tournament like this, we have to say that, without a doubt, all the matches will be very interesting and full of emotions; we are sure that this one between OG and TV, will not be the exception.

OG comes to this game with great confidence after playing a perfect group stage, but, at no time, they cannot overlook the experience and inspiration that Team Vitality brings.

While Team Vitality comes to this game very strong, if in principle the favorites card belonged to OG, now, without a doubt, they snatched it away.

For this match, our winner token is for Team Vitality.

OG vs. Team Vitality Betting Pick: Team Vitality

Eduardo Perozo

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