Betting: Fun or Investment – Is Long-Term Betting Profitable?

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During the last few years, sports betting has been seen as something terrible and very dangerous by many people. However, it is no secret that betting has always existed, of course, in different variants, but it is up to each person to know what he/she is willing to risk to obtain some additional economic benefit.

Millions of people around the world place their bets every week, every day, on their favorite teams or players, and they do not have any kind of gambling problems. Gambling is a human pleasure that is intrinsic to each of us.

But, like all pleasures, there is a flip side to the coin. Many people are not able to control their emotions and turn gambling into a problem, just like any other pleasure in life.

The problems, as in everything else, are in the excesses. There are very few non-sporting leisure activities that are abusively beneficial.

There is no doubt that betting brings extra excitement to a dull evening. We all like to predict the weather, the outcome of a soccer match, or a race. But doing so without risk is not so interesting.

Now, is it profitable to place these bets in the long run?

Long-term bets are not very popular with most bettors, as betting on events that will happen several months from now loses the excitement of the moment and, what most people want, immediate profits.

Now, long-term bets are those betting on events that will happen in the medium to distant future, such as this type of betting before the season starts:

  • Winner of LaLiga Santander
  • Winner of the Champions League
  • Qatar 2022 World Cup Winner

Predicting the champion of competition, even before it has started, is a perfect example of long-term betting.

What kind of long-term bets are there?

There are no different types of long-term bets as such, although they can be different depending on the event or match you are betting on. What differentiates them are the betting odds, since betting on the winner of a top-level event, such as the Qatar 2022 World Cup, is not the same as betting on the winner of the U-15 World Cup, for example.

Other bets can be about the top scorer of the tournament or the best player or team of a specific event. If we talk about other sports, for example, in F1, the world champion or the driver who scores the most points in the second half of the season.

These are different types of bets that, although they are not always the same, you can make them, but knowing that all of them will affect their odds, over time.

How to make a long-term betting strategy?

The main key to long-term betting is, without a doubt, learning to predict the possible results of a specific event or match, as well as having luck on your side, since, during seasons or tournaments, different conditions can affect the outcome of different matches.

Is Long-Term Betting advisable?

This type of betting is recommended for those bettors who consider themselves patient and who have a certain strategy in their bank account.

For example:

If a team has a fairly high odds of winning a tournament and is not favorite to take the victory and, as time goes by said team starts to have good results, this coupled with the fact that favorite teams could have absences in this tournament, it could be an interesting option to place your long-term bet, taking into account your prediction capacity and, above all, luck.

The possibility of betting odds varying in a long-term bet is very high since many factors could influence the outcome of any event.

When placing this type of bet, we also have the possibility of closing them before they start. While it is true that you will lose some money, it is preferable to lose it all.

Tips for placing your long-term bets

  • Researching sports and different bookmakers

As we have mentioned on several occasions, you should do some research before placing your bet. Be it the event you are betting on, as well as the teams and, very importantly, the different bookmakers to determine which one is the most convenient for you according to the betting odds they present.

  • Anticipate as much as possible

If you are determined that this type of betting is ideal for you, our advice is to anticipate as much as possible when placing your bet, since it is not the same to place a bet on a tournament that has already started, with one that is weeks away from starting.

At this point, we are referring to the huge difference that exists with the betting odds.

  • Have patience and self-control

Finally, it is necessary to have the right mentality to place long-term bets, bearing in mind that these are future forecasts and that, perhaps, luck and chance will not be on our side. 

Therefore, it is important to maintain certain self-control that does not make us risk in excess or bet more than what is destined for this type of forecast.

With all the above-mentioned, we can be sure that you will have a clearer idea of what it is to make long-term bets and the best way to do it. We remind you that the main thing is to have a lot of patience, as well as a clear economic strategy to avoid losing money.

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