LMB King’s Series – Championship Series 2022 – Round-up

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We have a new King after the whole season of the LMB, and it took as long as it could, as the King’s Series went up to the seventh game to give us a clear result. 

The two teams that faced off as champions of each zone were:

In the North Zone:

Sultanes de Monterrey

In the South Zone:

Leones de Yucatán 

Both of these teams were the underdogs in the match to crown themselves as the Zone Champions, so it was a huge surprise to have them meet in the King’s Series.

LMB King Series – Sultanes de Monterrey vs. Leones de Yucatan – Round-up

Game 1

The first of the matches that took place had an exciting result, as it was close. Monterrey got the lead by only 1 run in the first match, which kept things interesting.

Leones 3-4 Sultanes ( Series 1 – 0 favoring Monterrey )

Game 2

The second game wasn’t as interesting as both teams managed to halt the other for most of the match.

It was until Leones scored a single run that the dry spell was broken, but they kept things just like that and managed to tie the Series.

Leones 1-0 Sultanes (Series tied 1-1)

Game 3

Leones took the momentum from the previous match, and just steamrolled the Sultanes in the 3rd game, flipping things to their side and making everybody believe that things were close to ending.

Sultanes 1-6 Leones (Series 2-1 favoring Yucatan)

Game 4

After the beating they took on the last game, Sultanes came in to throw down, and after a slugfest, they repaid the favor by crushing Yucatan.

It was also at this point when things got interesting, as both teams were going back and forth and the series was once again tied.

Juego 4: Sultanes 5-0 Leones (Series tied 2-2)

Game 5

Sultanes decided to take their chances and go all in after the series was tied, and they managed to outscore the Leones during an exciting game.

Sultanes 6-3 Leones (Series 3-2 favoring de Monterrey)

Game 6

Leones did not want to go out without a fight, and that was exactly what they brought on match number 6, but it was just too much for the Sultanes to handle.

The Series was once again in a tie, and things would go to the 7th and last game.

Leones 6-2 Sultanes (Series tied 3-3)

Game 7

After an exciting back and forth between both teams, it was all down to one last match.

During the last game, Leones went all in and managed to wreck Sultanes to not only win the game but to leave no doubt as to who was to be crowned the KING.

Leones 6-1 Sultanes (Yucatan becomes Champion!)

The King’s Series 2022 Winners: Leones de Yucatan

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